Why Should I Sell to JJK

Many oil and gas owners immediately ask the question "WHY SHOULD I SELL MY OIL AND GAS TO JJK MINERAL COMPANY? I BELIEVE IT’S WORTH MORE THAN YOU ARE OFFERING." Our response is somewhat simple. As can easily be understood, our business model must allow us the potential to make a profit on our overall purchases, even though we know that we will not profit on each and every purchase we make. If your oil and gas is produced, it will likely yield a greater profit than JJK's current offer - OR WILL IT? The JJK Family offers some ideas for the oil and gas owner to consider pertaining to a possible conveyance of your oil and gas.

First, there is no guarantee that your oil and gas will ever be extracted. In most cases it is unreasonable to believe that your oil and gas will be extracted any time in the next 10 to 20 years. There are many facts that dictate when oil and gas will be produced, including but not limited to, location, ability for companies to form drilling units in your area, man power, and rig availability. Remember, there are tens of millions of acres available to be produced in the Marcellus shale region.

JJK always makes fair offers for your oil and gas. Basically, we immediately assume the same risks just set forth above with regard to long term production possibilities. Then you might ask: “Why would JJK Mineral Company want to purchase my oil and gas? JJK would be in precisely the same position.” The answer is simple. JJK has already purchased over 20,000 acres of oil and gas. We believe as much as 25-30% will be produced over the next decade, which minimizes the risk of our investments. Unlike an oil and gas owner who owns an interest in a single tract, JJK does not have to rely on each individual tract being produced.

Finally, the most important item to consider for oil and gas owners is the present value of the JJK offer compared to its future value. What will the JJK offer be worth over varying years and at different interest rates? What will the monetary value of the offer be when it is time to send the children and grandchildren to college? Most importantly, how much will this potentially increase my retirement savings and thus my standard of living after retirement? It is difficult to put a value on piece of mind. Certainly this varies from family to family based on individual finances. For your convenience, we have added a link to a Future Value Calculator. Simply input JJK Mineral Company’s offer, varying interests rates of your choice, and the number of years before your money will need to be accessed. This will give you a better idea as to the actual value of our offer.

CLICK HERE to calculate the future value of JJK's offer

The JJK Family truly hopes this will help you and your family make the proper decision about conveying your rights. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!