Satisfied Customers

"JJK Mineral Company, LLC purchased my mineral rights in 2010. As a result of their efforts and specifically Purnel Jones’ efforts in finding the other interests in the property, I was reunited with my brother, Ronnie, in January 2011. It had been over 50 years since I had contact with my brother, and I had no way of finding him myself. Without the efforts of the company and Purnel Jones, I would likely have never seen my brother’s face or heard his voice again. I cannot praise JJK Mineral Company enough. They dealt with me fairly in business, but more than that, they also rebuilt a family."

 – James Bell

"JJK called me on the phone and explained that they had a business offer for me. I met with them and reviewed and checked out this company. They could not have been more upfront and honest. My experience with them was excellent and we did business. I would not hesitate to refer them to my friends."

- Marty T

"My father had numerous wells that were just confusing and mind boggling to track down and put in some type of order. Most of them, we were not even aware the family had. Purnel and Libby were absolutely awesome to deal with, and truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Both have helped us immensely, and in doing so, found out some great family history (not to mention the unexpected monetary outcome)."

- Jodi Meyer

"In October 2010, Purnel contacted me concerning severed oil and gas rights in Washington County, PA, that I had inherited from my Father and shared with distant relatives. I originally rejected the offer but asked him to stay in touch and keep me informed as to the quest to locate and acquire the interests of the other family members. Over the next two years, he did just that, all the while providing me with interesting tidbits about my extended family. In July of 2012, I decided to convey my share. The sale was completed several weeks later, and the much needed money arrived on August 11th, my late Father's birthday. Thanks to JJK, I am finally secure in my retirement and I know much more about my distant family members. Most importantly, I am now sure Dad is watching over me."

- Marsha Bernet

"With my experience as a retired Superintendant of Schools I feel qualified to make this evaluation of Purnel L. Jones and the JJK Mineral Company, LLC. This evaluation is based on my experience in working with him during his acquisition of our family oil and gas rights. I found Mr. Jones at all times to be highly professional, honest, well organized and sensitive to our family situations. His character is above reproach. His response to our questions and concerns were always met in a timely manner. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Purnel L. Jones and the JJK Mineral Company as a company of great integrity."

- Homer P. Kline

"Purnel Jones contacted me in April this year 2013 concerning an old oil and gas lease that my grandfather had secured almost 100 years ago in Greene County. The purchase agreement was clear and fair and I wanted to sell so he and the company put the plans in motion. By the end of July, 2013 the acquisition was completed and I had a check in full for a completely acceptable amount. The transition went smoothly almost to the finish when another member of the family became involved who was confused about the ownership. Needles to say, it was a glitch, but the whole Company became involved and resolved the situation quickly to everyone’s complete satisfaction. I am extremely grateful for the entire process. It became complicated , but the result for everyone was marvelous. The entire organization proved beyond a doubt , their competency, their professionalism, and their integrity. I am grateful to Purnel and Libby for their intelligence and excellent support. The organization is first class in every way. "

- Bill Ewart

"I was very pleased with my experience with JJK Mineral Company and particularly my interactions with Purnel Jones. Everything the company promised happened when and as promised. Their detailed work actually increased the amount of money I received for mineral rights from what was originally discussed!"

- L. S. Turner